Offering of Savida Agri COM range in all phases of agriculture cycle. These cycles are related to seasonality of the years, monsoon prediction and course correction and the very basic agricultural cycle of pre-production, production and post production of the harvest. Besides the agricultural cycles the other services of Ssavida Agri COM relate to basic necessity of rural villagers and uplifting their standard of living. Savida Agri COM is going to offer various services based on the product features.

These services offering are going to be for agricultural businesses.
These services are:


  1. Market linkages

    1. Pre Production

      1. Seeds

    2. Production

      1. Processing material requirements

      2. Fertilizers & Chemicals

    3. Post Production

      1. Forward linkages

      2. primary processing, quality enhancement

      3. Marketing and Distribution

  2. Pre production

    1. Soil Preparation,

    2. Soil testing

    3. Efficient preparation

    4. Information base

  3. Production

    1. Weather information system

    2. Decision support system

    3. Sustainable agriculture

    4. Contract farming based linkages

    5. Cycles of crop production

    6. Agriculture consulting services

  4. Post Production

    1. Cleaning and Processing

    2. Packaging and helping form small scale industries

    3. Other rural development project